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Sam Bankman Pepe, an innovative BEP-20 token that combines unique features such as no burn mechanism, 120% staking pools, and an upcoming NFT project that will unlock decentralized finance (DEFI) farming opportunities for token holders. Sam Bankman Pepe aims to create a dynamic ecosystem that rewards both stakers and NFT holders while driving the adoption of blockchain technology and DEFI applications.

- 120% Staking Pool
- High-End NFT's with Farming utilities
- No burn for token price stability.
- Xeggex listing end of first week!

In recent years, the cryptocurrency landscape has evolved significantly, with DEFI platforms gaining substantial traction. Sam Bankman Pepe emerges as a response to the growing demand for innovative and rewarding blockchain solutions. By introducing a token with distinctive features and a future-focused NFT project, we aim to contribute to the DEFI ecosystem's expansion and engagement.

120% APY 30 Day Staking (CLICK HERE)
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Market Update (Updating API)

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# Name Last Price 24h % Market Cap Last 7 Days
1 $56,623.54 +1.45% $880,423,640,582 profit chart
2 $56,623.54 -5.12% $880,423,640,582 loss chart
3 $56,623.54 +1.45% $880,423,640,582 profit chart
4 $56,623.54 -3.75%% $880,423,640,582 loss chart
5 $56,623.54 +1.45% $880,423,640,582 profit chart
6 $56,623.54 -2.22% $880,423,640,582 loss chart
7 $56,623.54 +0.8% $880,423,640,582 profit chart
8 $56,623.54 +1.41% $880,423,640,582 profit chart

How It Work

  • Step 1

    Step 1



  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Add $SBP to Wallet

    Click Add Token and enter

    The rest will fill out automatically.

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Start Trading

    Click BUY $SBP at the top of page or visit one of our exchange partners.

    Take a visit to the moon with us.

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Earn 60% APY

    Our staking pool is one of a kind, the developer is kind enough to pay out rewards from his own pocket.

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What Is $SBP

No Burn Mechanism:
Unlike traditional token ecosystems, Sam Bankman Pepe does not implement a burn mechanism. This design choice ensures a consistent token supply, reducing the risk of deflation and promoting price stability over time.

120% Staking Pools:
Sam Bankman Pepe pioneers the concept of 120% staking pools, wherein stakers earn not only regular staking rewards but also an additional 20% bonus. This mechanism incentivizes long-term token retention and active participation in the Sam Bankman Pepe ecosystem.

  • The Near Future

    One of the most exciting aspects of Sam Bankman Pepe is the upcoming NFT project. Sam Bankman Pepe holders will gain exclusive access to participate in DEFI farming through NFT ownership. These NFTs will serve as access keys to specialized farming pools, providing an additional utility layer to Sam Bankman Pepe and empowering NFT holders to further engage with DEFI.

  • Stake for 120% APY - 30 day pool

    High APY staking available at direct cost to the dev.  Part of the developer fees will go towards paying out staking and keeping the pools self sustaining.

    Stakers are crucial to the stability and growth of the Sam Bankman Pepe ecosystem. Through staking, participants contribute to network security while earning rewards in Sam Bankman Pepe tokens. The 120% staking pool bonus enhances the attractiveness of staking, encouraging broader community involvement.

Stake Here

Invest in confidence.

The owner and main developer is very knowledgable.
With 10 years of blockchain knowledge and having been a part of EVERY coin/token community over the year.  The future of Sam Bankman Pepe sees no bounds.

  • We are going to the moon

    On a FTX rocket.

  • Rest Assured

    Sam is working everyday to make this what he always dreamed of.
    The crypto community has needed this for a long time.

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